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One of the huge myths about Poland usually it is an east European country and Ukraine and Belarus

One of the huge myths about Poland usually it is an east European country and Ukraine and Belarus

While Poland has become the country I became relatively interested in learning, its additional eastern and a€?rawera€? next-door neighbors (Ukraine and Russia) constantly appealed for me over any main European country actually ever could.

This is because as a man who was simply born in Ukraine and exactly who talks fluent Russian, they generated small awareness in my situation to blow lots of time in countries in which i did not bring these a conclusive advantage over some other travelers.

Nonetheless, although Ukrainian lady and Russian ladies are feminine and beautiful, the continual materialism and transactional-based affairs need with time used myself all the way down and made me personally crave some thing most Western. I am not writing about anything since extreme as American or Uk or things, but simply a tad bit more american than what I happened to be handling.

While i have merely invested many weeks in Poland, one of my personal friends, Ian, who is from UK, have invested a lot of time in Poland, ravaging courting the women inside the most readily useful ways he understands.

The subsequent article was actually provided by my pal Ian, a British guy who has been residing Poland for the past years.


That is what most my friends in England believe. The reality, but usually Poland is really in Central European countries and region like Hungary and also the Czech Republic. As soon as, you visit Poland, you are going to understand why.

To begin with, Poland will be a lot cleaner and best kept than nearby Ukraine and Belarus. The metropolitan areas are far more prepared and things run a lot better than in east europe such Romania plus Bulgaria. Plus, unlike Middle Eastern dating Ukraine and Belarus, Poland is in the EU, which claims alot concerning the state’s developing. Absolutely grounds precisely why plenty of Ukrainians and Russians decide to go on to Poland and compliments life so much there.


Needless to say, Polish men talk gloss, a Slavic vocabulary that’s nearly the same as Ukrainian and Russian (a lot more just like the previous versus latter). In the event that you speak Russian (We speak somewhat) or Ukrainian, you will want to at the very least have the ability to read the symptoms and work out a few of the terminology. Ukrainians just who immigrate to Poland said that it requires them for the most part 3 months for conversational when you look at the words.

I would suggest finding out Polish if you are a person that’s significant along with your intentions in the united kingdom, specifically if you’re planning to create a base and remain lasting. It might surely render integration easier and enhance your probability with all the girls. Having said, talking shine is by no methods a requirement since many younger Polish group speak some English (unlike in Ukraine and Russia).

The women

This a€?non-Eastern European statusa€? obviously stocks alone towards the women. In my experience, Polish women can be practically east European yet not undoubtedly Eastern European. While they’re Slavic through and through, they just do not have the same ultra-feminine charms and sex appeal in comparison to Ukrainian or Russian ladies.

I’d declare that Polish ladies are virtually because attractive as Ukrainian females. The reason why we say for the reason that I thought Ukrainian girls once the standard when it comes to supreme femininity and appeal. Although Polish people has good confronts, they are lacking a small amount of that a€?modelesquea€? see that is quite typical with Ukrainian and Russian.

If you see a Ukrainian girl, the instant impulse you’ve got are, a€?wow, exactly why isn’t this girl a design?a€? but when you see a Polish woman, their impulse are, a€?ok, she is kinda sweet.a€? Duration. Without design component.

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