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Do we toss out Daisy Aimes, mom off about three

Do we toss out Daisy Aimes, mom off about three

Donna Moss: Many, its evaluator spoke on its sentencing towards harshness of what they’d so you’re able to demand. Study aside. You tell me? got a boyfriend exactly who stored an effective kilo in her own case. She actually is over seven many years that’s against eleven significantly more. That is more than rapists and you will man molestors score. I don’t select a list anymore. These are individuals.

Leo McGarry: We care about increasing it, if the fees sticks this may eliminate us that have values voters and that sets Vinick’s 9-point lead in the financial institution

Chairman Josiah “Jed” Bartlet: . and bad: get-off judges impotent! All of our judicial system is according to your right to a great reasonable demo. But how private is the fact techniques, in the event the a beneficial 258 package grid seales your destiny one which just actually ever step foot in front of a judge, a national legal, you to definitely my personal place of work have invested considerable efforts in selecting, who’s next restricted out-of working out basic good judgment, when you’re twenty-nine year old prosecutors, whom make their bones on the winnings-losings number secure the simply discretion on the entire system?

Claudia Jean ‘C.J.’ Cregg: There’s no ways you will be enabling me personally walk out the doorway, just what is it we’re doing?

Broker Simon Donovan: In addition to battery pack. And the strength push, starter exchange, time belt, the brand new ignition fuse, and you will, really, also the engine I suppose.

Leo McGarry: You may not get a response today, okay? I really don’t must provide him too-much knucklehead posts.

Agent Simon Donovan: [Leads Hogan to help you a more open city. As he talks, the guy motions their by the arms when you look at the a circle] Lookup that way. Now lookup in that way. Today lookup that way. [Transforms her to face him] Today look at me. Just what do you pick?

Hogan Cregg: Uh. more right here discover a moms and dad that have one or two babies. Over here discover one into the a coat, and that i can not consider exactly what more. And over here is actually the brand new check out prevent so there had been many people more there and that i are unable to think about what more.

Broker Simon Donovan: I am not sure both. However, up until among us renders which shop I’m constantly heading to learn in which he is.

Bruno Gianelli: I really don’t worry, but, Andrew Jackson said, When there is a career that simply cannot be carried out by a good democrat, let’s abolish the task.

Deborah Fiderer: No, sir. A good patron try jostling Congresswoman Wyatt and Toby made an effort to rating your in order to step-back, additionally the child tucked on to the floor. And then the people’s buddy lunged for Toby.

President Josiah Bartlet: [towards the cellular phone] Leo, give those pouncy little hairdressers I am gonna push an excellent loaf from dough up its ass.

Sam Seaborn: Since there are account and your order to our air shelter demand also to jump from your radar manager into frontrunner-in-captain would disregard a few of these membership

President Josiah Bartlet: I am not an enthusiastic economist, however, no, wait, I am an economist. So, its plan can do just what, C.J.?

Chairman Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlet: Men [Santos, Vinick] , let us speak about what we are talking about. You happen to be alarmed one to I’m going to announce I am deploying 150,000 Western soldiers around three months before the election and abruptly their race is approximately my personal battle.

Sam Seaborn: Since Chairman will either yell within me otherwise make fun of on me. In any event it’s not going to workout really for me.

Bob Engler: [Of UFOs] These things happens and you can go unexplained. you never believe it is something you should sample the brand new Chairman?

President Josiah Bartlet: Exactly what will end up being the next thing one demands all of us, Toby? That renders all of us go further and you will work harder? Have you figured out that in case smallpox is actually done away with, it actually was noticed the new single greatest humanitarian conclusion associated with the 100 years? Surely we can repeat, as we did from the times when all of our attention searched for the the fresh sky and you may, that have outstretched fingertips, we moved see your face regarding God. Here’s so you’re able to missing nearest and dearest and the ones that will be right here now. Cheers.

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